Guest rooms are often little used and largely ignored spaces.  Sometimes they end up as storage spaces.  That extra bed can be a great place to fold laundry!  But guest rooms deserve the same attention to updating as the rest of the home.


This was the view from the hallway into this guest room.  The bed was positioned to accommodate a crib in the room as well.  The crib had been removed but the rest of the room remained as is.





A simple reorienting of the bed makes the room feel more spacious and welcoming.  A chair provides guests a place to sit.  A reading lamp is positioned on the opposite side of the bed for nighttime reading.  There is a small table and mirror on the wall opposite the bed.  Wall art was repositioned.

The window seat invites relaxing or can be used to hold a suitcase.

Positioning a bed on the focal wall of a bedroom is almost always the best case scenario.  The full view of the bed and linens provides color and softness to the room.  Floor space in front of the bed creates a feeling of spaciousness.  The view is welcoming and this guest room reorientation demonstrates just that.