This is the time of year when a lot of people move from one dwelling to another. Premiere Home Stagers loves when people call us after the boxes have been opened but before they decide what color to paint or where to hang their artwork or accessories.



Our process is to walk through your home to get an idea of your particular style and to decide what items you truly love and want to incorporate into your décor.



The homeowners wanted the large piece of personal artwork to be the focal point hung above the fireplace; however, they told us it was a little too wide.  We noticed that if the frame was removed, it fit perfectly.  Sometimes it takes another perspective to make things work out.



The red walls seemed to be a random color choice in the kitchen.  There was not much that tied this color with anything else.  We suggested a navy blue color due to the gray/blue granite, the blue curtains (off-camera), and the adjoining blue dining room. The red accessories will then complement the walls.


The powder room wallpaper was not the style of the new homeowners; plus, the water hit the shallow sink and splashed out. We suggested a vessel-type sink so they could use the same vanity, faucet, and countertop. We reaffirmed their choice of tile on the back wall.


We made a furniture layout plan and chose paint colors for the kitchen and dining room.   After they purchase some items on their wish list, we will return to rearrange the furniture,  choose the remaining paint colors, hang their artwork, and arrange accessories.  Our mantra is “each room should have a purchase and a focal point.” 


Premiere Home Stagers loves re-designing homes to make them more efficient and comfortable.  Call us at 608-345-9396 for a consultation.