Premiere Home Stagers received a phone call from a builder/realtor asking us to stage this vacant house.  It had been listed for a little while and the feedback suggested that it was difficult to envision where the furniture should be placed.  Sometimes it is easy for us to figure out furniture layouts.  This design proved challenging even for us.


Note the front door enters right into the living room.  To soften that, we will put a console table in the “niche” in between the stairs and the closet door to suggest a place to put down the mail and hang your keys up.  We will lay an area rug in the living room to separate the hallway from the living areas.



Another challenge is the off-set fireplace.  That means the furniture needs to be the boundary between the living room and the formal dining area.  No problem there… far, so good.



This challenging area is between the kitchen and the formal dining room.  We bounced around some ideas of what to do here—from a mini-office, to a music area, to a wine bar.  We’ll still be thinking about this area until we get it right.  Stay tuned!


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