Last week I had the unique privilege of helping my mother-in-law transition to a retirement village.  She had decided to sell her home of 63 years.  This is a major life change for her.

Paring down possessions to what will fit in a single room takes some discernment.  We rented a trailer and loaded up the furniture and personal items she had selected.

Moving furniture is not new to me.  As a home stager I do it all the time.  But this time it was personal and extra care was necessary to ease the transition for this elderly lady.  Once everything was transported to her room we set about finding the best furniture arrangement.  We put away personal belongings and then worked on making the room feel like home.  We hung pictures and carefully positioned her few accessories.  She was absolutely delighted with the result.

While this decorating project will never win any award, it is a reflection of my mother-in-law’s life and personality.  What seemed like an empty hospital room now feels personal and meaningful to her.  The pair of black and white prints are momentoes of her childhood years in China.  The horseshoe is from a horse her family owned and rode in her youth.  The afghan was crocheted by a friend as a housewarming gift for her new space.  All these things give her a sense of belonging.

This is now home for my mother-in-law.  I enjoyed the opportunity to personalize it for her.