With the calendar showing September and a cold snap in the weather this week, the official arrival of autumn is approaching.


This is met with mixed emotions by many — harvest decor flourishes and brings a feeling of warmth.  But winter is looming around the corner and just the thought of it makes us shiver.


I enjoy bringing up the boxes of fall decor from the basement and recreating this season’s decor touches in my home.  With a pumpkin candle lit and surrounded by gourds of various shapes I am inspired to embrace the season.









A trip to the winery on a sunny Sunday afternoon will be part of my autumn plans.  Conversing over a glass of wine, cheese and crackers in the outdoor garden is relaxation at its best.





Creating apple pies assembly-line style is labor intensive but fun to do as a team.  Each person takes a task — rolling pie crusts, peeling apples or putting pies together.  One pie is baked and eaten as a reward and the others are divided up among the team and frozen for later use.  The aroma of the pie in the oven is reward in itself.


So whether it is a trip to the pumpkin patch or to the nursery for a batch of mums, take the time to embrace whatever it is that makes autumn’s grand entrance a welcome one for you.