Existing Craft Room











My craft room is “the Get-R-Done” room.  I have four zones:  TV watching, sewing/reupholstery, crafting, and office work. There are considerable supplies with crafting, sewing, and reupholstery.


I finally grew tired of piece-meal storage–you know, the plastic containers, the cheap metal shelves, and the “big-box store” pressboard cabinets.  It just didn’t feel right.


Even professionals hire professionals.  I hired an interior designer whom I respect. She gave me paint colors and designed cabinetry for two walls.  However, only a person who actually lives within the space knows exactly how it needs to function best.


I removed the old furniture and re-oriented the room.  I purchased this sofa from Craig’s List and the gold chair from a consignment shop, plus re-purposed a room divider unit.  I then consulted with a cabinet designer, (shown here measuring). He came up with a stream-lined plan that seems to fit me better.


Once the cabinetry is installed, the next task is to organize all this stuff so it is efficient for use.


I am already visualizing how better this room will feel.  Premiere Home Stagers can make your rooms feel right for you.  608-345-9396