Every company needs help in accomplishing certain tasks.  Premiere Home Stagers relies on outside help for delivery and to help refinish or fix furniture.

We are always on the look-out for furniture that can be re-purposed into exactly what we need to complete a vacant staging.  This table does not look like much here, but with a little help from a handyman, this is how we envisioned it.


With some light sanding and finishing, the table is a perfect piece in this niche. We added a desk chair to complete the ensemble.

This is another piece that was stripped of brown and gold paint, sanded, and refinished in a metallic silver color by the handyman.

With a silver mirror and an accessory on top, this silver dresser’s texture and wavy drawers add interest to the master bedroom.


Premiere Home Stagers also reupholsters furniture for a unique look.  This brown chair was damaged in the delivery process (see the rip in the smooth fabric).


All it needed was a new textured skirt, which we believe makes it even better than before.


Premiere Home Stagers goes the extra mile to ensure a unique look when staging a vacant house—all at reasonable prices.

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