At our most recent vacant staging project we were working around a painter and a cleaning team to furnish the home before an open house the next day.  We knew that staging the home would help with appeal but paint and cleaning needed to come first.


This home has back to back living areas joined by a see-through fireplace.  This room is intended to be the formal space.  We had other ideas to suggest its possible function.




We determined that suggesting it could be used as an office made more sense.  The room has french doors leading off the foyer so it can be a quiet spot on the main level.  We styled sheers on the double window to camoflage the multi-family housing beyond.

This is the more casual living space on the opposite side of the fireplace.  The dark paint color and two-story walls really dwarfed the floor space.  It may seem counterintuitive that furnishing a room makes it feel larger but it usually is true.  The key is adding just the right amount of furniture.

With a fresh coat of paint in a lighter color (note the painter’s supplies still on the mantle!), and an area rug that steps up the tired carpeting, this room comes to life.  The furniture does indeed make it feel more spacious.

We’re confident of a much quicker sale for this out of state homeowner.  Potential buyers can now make an emotional connection to the home.