Home Stagers do more than re-arrange furniture and fluff pillows.  We have a cadre of tools in our toolkit ready for all kinds of needs.

You might be surprised to learn that a sewing machine  is used for almost all vacant home staging projects.  We usually need to sew the perfect-sized pillow for a particular chair or sofa (as seen above).   Or, we might need to lengthen or shorten curtain panels.  We also reupholster furniture.

My bag holds items needed on every staging job.  Furniture sliders are easy for two women to move even the heaviest piece of furniture.  Furniture markers hide the small nicks that are inevitable when moving pieces.  We bring extra light bulbs, small batteries (i.e., for a wall clock that has stopped), a level, hammer and nails, wire, and picture hangers for hanging artwork.


We  bring an iron to steam out bed linen wrinkles. We carry extra electrical cords, tape, string, glue, and of course our measuring tape.  The glass cleaner and furniture polish make sure our inventory looks fresh and clean when staged.

Our last two projects involved drilling into the wall to permanently affix artwork to a restaurant wall.

We also used the drill to hang curtain panels using conduit, angle irons, and metal holders. This required  using a pipe cutter to get the specific sizes of rod we needed.


Premiere Home Stagers has the know-how to get the job done right.  Call us at 608-345-9396 for your staging project.