Sometimes our work takes us to a home that has been on the market for a period of time.  The homeowners report many showings but no offers.  They decided to enlist the services of Premiere Home Stagers to see what advice we may have.

Our consultation begins before we pull into the driveway.  We view the MLS photos to see what a potential buyer is seeing.  When we arrive we already have ideas to enhance the appeal of the home.  In this case,  the home had been beautifully updated.  Wall colors were good.  Each room had been decluttered and depersonalized.  But more was needed.

Family Room Before

The family room is typically where homeowners will spend their time.  As such, it warrants extra attention to maximize its appeal.

The two chairs, table and lamp formed a visual barrier into this room.  The area rug was misplaced and the TV blocked the best view of the built-in bookcases.

We went to work to change all that.


Inviting view

With the sofa nestled at an angle and the area rug positioned in front of it, the room becomes more welcoming.  The TV has less prominence on the other side of the room.

The two chairs form a conversation grouping across from the sofa but don’t block light from the door.

The color scheme of this room is a restful gray-green — with one exception.  The fireplace is a deep blue, coordinating with the wall art above it but not with the room itself.

We suggested repainting the brick a deeper tone of the wall color.  This fresh color will offset the built-in shelving and the black fire box.  The fireplace will then harmonize with the other permanent elements of the room.

These sellers are looking to reel in a buyer as soon as possible.  Some minor changes in the home add up to overall major impact.