Our recent vacant staging projects have included a couple very small homes.  Vacant home staging will always enhance a home but is even more important in homes that lack square footage.  Adding furniture in the right proportions actually makes a small room look and feel larger.


This almost empty room needed to be furnished as a bedroom since it is on the same level as the only bathroom in the house.  Its dimensions are small.  One wonders how a bed would fit in here.  The current pieces of furniture don’t add anything.

By using a full size bed with an airy, light colored quilt and no headboard we were able to demonstrate that a bed would indeed work in this space.   The metal and wicker table and chair were relocated from elsewhere in the house.  The table approximates the space that a dresser would occupy.  Because there is still a generous amount of exposed floor space the room doesn’t feel crowded.

The simple metal bicycle piece on the wall adds a whimsical touch and ties in with the metal table and chair.  There is a leaning mirror to the left of the bed (off camera) that reflects light and space in the room.  The overall impression is more appealing than that tiny empty room above.   Proof again that vacant home staging really does enhance the appeal of a home.