Last week we put our thinking caps on to stage a small house using the owner’s furniture.  Sometimes this takes more creativity than using our own inventory to stage a home.


First off, we seek to make each room inviting to a potential buyer.  We determine the suggested function of the space and then rearrange the furniture to maximize the positives of the space.


This living room needed some tweaking to make it more welcoming.  The entrance to the space was blocked by the sofa table and the sofa in front of it.  The free-standing wood stove on the opposite end of the room was barely visible.  We switched the sofa and the chair and balanced the room by using the sofa table opposite the sofa.  One chair was removed.


The adjacent room has another free-standing wood stove and had been used as an office work space.  Competing furniture styles and a wrap around desk gave this area a disjointed feel.

We took the desk components apart and repurposed one as a console table where the small wicker set is.  Then, to highlight the wood stove as a positive feature we brought in a chair from the living room.

Facing the stove and with an ottoman and a throw, this spot suggests cozy reading on a winter day.  The desk still captures the view out the window but is a less intrusive piece of furniture.

With the barriers removed this little gem of a house is ready to welcome potential buyers to every room.