This previously vacant living room had nothing to draw the buyer’s eye except scuffed paint and carpet wear.  The sellers wisely decided to invest in vacant home staging.  We added furniture and accessories in the right proportions to the space.  We also advised on a fresh paint color.  Now the room feels warm and inviting.  These sellers have “put their best foot forward.”

We had hoped to accomplish the same thing when we viewed this partially vacant listing.  The furniture left behind did little to enhance the space.  Wall art placement seems haphazard and accessories are limited to lamps.

We had devised a plan to use the seller’s furniture in tandem with pieces from our inventory to enhance the appeal of the home.  The living room above needed to have a small dining space as well.  This could be accomplished with a better room arrangement.  We planned to pick up on the olive green color of the accent wall for an area rug and accessories.  A slipcover for the blue sofa would neutralize it and pull it into the right color palette.


Unfortunately, we didn’t have the opportunity to work our plan.  Vacant home staging would have helped this property “put its best foot forward” as well.  Statistics show that staged homes sell faster and for more money than unstaged homes.  With winter around the corner, facilitating a quicker sale seems like a worthwhile investment.