My craft room was functional but not pretty.  It is difficult to make plastic tubs and shelves look pretty.  This room just didn’t feel right–at least not for a home stager. The backyard window (near the ceiling attic hatch on left) is blocked with upholstery batting and fabric.


After consulting with the cabinet supplier, we determined I needed a 36″ wide x 36″ deep cabinet to hold my upholstery batting and supplies. I had to order this cabinet from another company. Because their gray stains wouldn’t match, I mix-matched the natural with the gray. A solid-surface countertop in charcoal gray ties the two colors together.

I liked the idea of opening up this area for my office and utilize the natural light and view of my backyard.



This is the other side of the room.  (It’s a bonus room over the garage).  My craft supplies are in the built-in cabinets, but the stamps, albums, magazines, finished cards, and supplier catalogs fit into the teak and metal cabinets.



My upholstery tools are either in or next to the Hoosier-type cabinet (actually, Sellers brand).  The floor space is very adequate to reupholster most furniture.  I kept the 50’s style table and chairs. The table top is perfect to cut upholstery fabric or to make craft messes on. I also kept the VCT (vinyl composite tile) floor. I didn’t want to worry about dents, scrapes, or spilled craft ink.



I love this sofa I purchased on Craig’s List.  I sewed new back pillows and smaller side pillows out of a complementary fabric.  I also purchased the Ikea rolling side table from Craig’s List.  It fits under the sofa arm–perfect to handle the TV remote and a beverage.



I am so happy how this room turned out.  It is both functional and pretty–perfect for a home stager!  Call Premiere Home Stagers to see how we can help transform your functional rooms into pretty rooms.  608-345-9396