One of the principles of successful furniture arrangement is balance.  Each area of a room must be equally weighted by either furniture placement or an architectural feature such as a fireplace.  In the living room above a furniture grouping is created to include the fireplace. The chairs opposing the sofa weight the grouping equally.

Our staging work this week took us back to a home we had staged to sell a few years ago.  The homeowner decided not to sell but the furniture had migrated out of our original arrangement.


The leather furniture and end table crowded the entry.  The largest wall in the room wasn’t well used.  The room felt out of balance.  So we went to work moving the furniture around to a better arrangement.

With the sofa now on the largest wall and the loveseat where the sofa had been the room is weighted equally.  Since Christmas is approaching we were asked to create a spot for the Christmas tree.

Some decluttering and and minimizing the shelving units gave a cleaner look to the room.  We gave the fireplace/TV cabinet a more decorative look by decluttering and off centering the TV and putting a plant  next to it.  This new, balanced arrangement will add to the enjoyment of the space.