Premiere Home Stagers had an opportunity to decorate a local restaurant for Christmas.  We had blogged before about the criteria we used.  (See this post)

We found a slim pre-lit metallic tree that we decorated using bronze snowflakes, burnt orange poinsettias, and globes. We used two of them in the bar area.



At the host station, we designed a matching bouquet.


In the dining areas with windows, we hung matching wreaths from “command hooks.”  Easy to remove after the holidays without any damage done.


In the dining areas without windows, we hung banners that reflect light.  We removed a couple of pictures that will be re-hung after the season.

Premiere Home Stagers subscribes to the “less is more” approach when it comes to holiday decorating–especially in a restaurant.  You need just enough to recognize the holiday without interfering with the daily functions.  Each of these items can be wrapped up and stored until next year.


We wish you and yours best wishes for a wonderful holiday season.