Old English<sup>®</sup> Scratch CoverNeed a last minute stocking-stuffer idea (for someone over 30 who cares about their house)?


One of my favorite ‘tools of the trade’ products is Old English Scratch Cover. It is formulated to cover scratches and nicks and restore the look of furniture.  It comes in a couple of different tints to match either light or darker wood, and is available in home improvement stores.


This week I recommended it twice — to restore the look of a wood-framed bathroom mirror and to touch up woodwork that the family dog had chewed.  I carry it in my home staging tool bag for quick touch-ups when moving furniture into a home.

I even use it periodically on my kitchen cabinets around the stove where heat and steam have damaged the finish.  More than just covering scratches, it renews the appearance of the finish.

 This small dining table was a thrift store find that proved perfect for this spot.  When purchased the finish on the top was marred.  Before tackling a refinishing project, I applied some Old English Scratch Cover for Light Wood.  The wood absorbed the polish and the tint in it perfectly camoflaged the minor damage.


So, while it might not be a favorite gift under this year’s Christmas tree, Old English Scratch Cover is a must-have product to maintain the wood finishes in your home.