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Premiere Home Stagers worked with a local restaurant this year updating their décor.  Now they asked us to decorate their restaurant for Christmas.   We subscribe to the philosophy that “less is more.”

So, how exactly does one decorate a restaurant?

You need to keep several things in mind, such as (1) People need to eat around your decorations; (2) There is no room on each table for decorations;  (3) The decorations need to last through the first week of January; (4) Not everyone celebrates Christmas; and (5) The decorations should be tasteful and simple to complement a fine meal.

This idea can use the empty wine bottles from the restaurant, but can only be placed at the hostess station.


Four of the six dining areas has a window.  What a good idea to hang a different wreath from the curtain rod in each window.


In the other two dining areas, a holiday banner could be hung.Note that decorating for the holidays can be done in alternate colors, rather than just red and green.  We love using silver or blue in a décor.  However you choose to decorate in public areas, keep it simple and tasteful for all to enjoy.


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