One of the highlights of the Christmas season is enjoying beautiful and creative displays everywhere we go.

When it comes to home staging near the Christmas season, holiday decor falls under different criteria.  The goal in home staging is always to enhance the features of a home, not distract from them with inappropriate decor.

  • Online listing photos will likely be viewed after the holiday season so Christmas decorating dates those photos.
  •  Most Christmas trees are placed prominently in front of a window, drawing a buyer’s eye to the tree and not the window.  Minimizing the location of the tree is best.
  • Stockings hung by the fireplace personalize the home and distract from the architectural feature of a fireplace.
  • Exterior Christmas decor should be minimized as well.  One tasteful wreath on the front door adds warmth and interest.  Many yard decorations detract from the home and even may turn a buyer off.
  • Decor that depicts winter and not necessarily Christmas will appeal to more buyers and bridge a longer span of time.