This week Premiere Home Stagers was presented with a unique opportunity.  We were hired to stage an office for one day in the hotel conference room above.  The ‘office’ would serve as a set for an interview.  We received photos of the room in advance, but they were before the decor had been updated.  After several years in business, we recognize that flexibility is part of every staging job.

We brought appropriate furniture and accessories, always more than we think we’ll need, and set to work transforming this room.

Since the office space wouldn’t need to be functional we were able to stage aesthetically more than practically.  The credenza was cleared of coffee supplies.  A pair of lamps were added at either end of the room for softer lighting.  Two seating areas were created so that the interview wouldn’t necessarily take place at the desk.  Accessories on the shelving unit were kept to a minimum so as not to be distracting.

A woman is being interviewed.  The white leather desk chair adds just a hint of femininity.  The accessories we chose also lend themselves to a woman’s office space.  The overall effect is a warm and inviting space that should serve as a great ‘office’ for filming.  Then back to an empty conference room 24 hours later.