Farmhouse Kitchen

Current Farmhouse Kitchen

Kitchens, in general, used to be tucked away in the back of the house, as in this case.  The cook needed access to the backyard for water, and it was quite hot to cook in the summer.  Today, however, the kitchen is central to the “goings-on” in the house; almost everyone gathers in the kitchen.  Most remodeling today involves taking down walls for an open-concept design.

Counter Penisula

Current Counter Penisula

Luckily, in this farmhouse kitchen, there is enough space to reconfigure the kitchen to the homeowners’ wishes.  One priority is to install windows on the south side for natural light and ventilation.  Another priority is to have an island or larger peninsula for both the inhabitants and guests to converse with the cooks.

Coat Storage

Current Coat Storage

A third priority is to remove the coat and boot storage from the kitchen into the adjacent mudroom.  But how can all these wishes be filled?

Current mudroom

Current mudroom

The first step is to hire a professional designer/builder to take measurements and photos and listen to what your ideas and dreams are.


Haver Design and Construction, Inc. is a residential remodeling company in Madison, WI that can take your ideas and give you a design that is efficient with both space and budget.  Because the mudroom is adjacent to the kitchen, it seems desirable to remove this wall and install a bank of windows in the exterior wall that let in natural light.  However, until the design is done, what seems to be a good first move, may in fact prove to be counter-productive.


Most good ideas start with a plan!  Call Premiere Home Stagers at 608-345-9393 for a plan for your habitat.