With each passing new year, we tend to make resolutions, which don’t last for more than a month.  I wanted to make some goals this year instead of resolutions. As I was putting away my 2015 calendar (by Beacon Promotions, Inc.), I noted the motivational messages that each month imparted. These goals are worth striving for, no matter what your vocation.

  1.  Discovery is seeing what others have seen, but thinking what no one has thought.
  2.  Determination  gives you the resolve to keep going in spite of roadblocks.
  3.  Confidence – The greatest barrier to success is fear of failure.
  4.  Wisdom – Everyone who passes through our lives are lessons;  all are priceless.
  5.  Dream – Whatever you can dream, begin it.
  6.  Attitude is a little thing that makes a BIG difference
  7.  Focus – Live in the present; the past is gone and the future is uncertain.
  8.  Preparation – Failing to prepare is like preparing to fail.
  9.  Optimism is the foundation of achievement and progress.
  10. Possibilities – Recognize the possibilities and embrace them.
  11. Change lets us stretch and grow to new heights.
  12. Excellence is the eventual result of striving to do better.
  13. Success is measured by the obstacles one has overcome.

Premiere Home Stagers begins its 9th year of home staging.  Each year brought lessons to learn and grow.  I will be attending the Real Estate Staging Associaton (RESA) Convention in a few week to learn more and share what I can.


Hopefully 2016 will be a year to beautify and enhance your property, either for living or for selling.  608-345-9396