Home stagers have expertise at sizing up vacant rooms and placing furniture and accessories where they will provide the most impact and make an emotional connection to a buyer.

In the vacant staging Premiere Home Stagers recently completed, notice the small round table in between the two easy chairs.  I chose this table to reflect light from the patio door into the room.  However, this particular table has a cloudy swirl etched into it, which made it look dusty.


It depended upon whether the sun was shining as to whether you could see the swirl pattern in the table.

I happily exchange this round table out for a mirrored rectangular one, but then added a couple of books and a coffee mug so as to evoke an impression of sitting and reading, while drinking something hot on a spring day.


The kitchen accessories were chosen to blend in with the beautiful soapstone countertops and look beyond the kitchen into the fields out the window and patio door.  However, the homeowner thought more color was in order.

177 Kitchen After

Again, I happily agreed to make some subtle changes to add more interest and color.


The best thing about working with like-minded people such as a realtor or homeowner is that they sometimes have a vision for how they want the house to look based upon their history of the property.  While I am open to suggestions on how to achieve a particular look, I will steer clear of producing something that is too taste-specific or not in their best interest.  One needs to be true to the house style; but there are different interpretations that I can work with.


So, let’s partner-up and see how we can make your house feel just right!  Call Premiere Home Stagers at 608-345-9396.