In Dane County, Wisconsin, it is a seller’s market.  In the last five years, sellers have gone from wondering if their home will ever sell, to buyers wondering if they’ll get a chance to buy.   Home inventories are the lowest seen in many years.


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Part of the reason is that new construction has made a rebound since 2008,  but even then, there still aren’t enough homes to meet the demand.  Condo developers have faced higher regulatory issues, while new apartment buildings are way up.


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Some homes are receiving more than three offers on the day they are listed, plus a need to over-bid.   One would think a seller would want to list their home to get a good price. Instead, sellers are reluctant to list–which means there are factors other than price to consider.  For example, potential sellers are afraid of putting their home on the market because they might not find another house to buy in time.   Or, sellers don’t want to find temporary places to live and then have to move twice.


Should a house be staged even if the inventory is low?  Absolutely!  Just because a house sells fast doesn’t mean it sold for the price it might have received had it been staged.  Call Premiere Home Stagers at 608-345-9396 to discuss your staging needs.