Living Room (Photo from Website)

Living Room
(Photo from Website)

After the homeowners finished their “to-do” list from Premiere Home Stagers, their house looked fabulous and sold quickly.

Kitchen (Taken from website)

(Taken from website)

All extraneous items were removed in the kitchen, which is helpful for prospective buyers to imagine themselves cooking here.

Lower Level (Taken from website)

Lower Level
(Taken from website)

The furniture was re-positioned to enhance the fireplace, yet still able to view the large-screen TV (foreground).  All the sports figures and art was packed away for their next abode.

Master Bedroom (Taken from website)

Master Bedroom
(Taken from website)

The spacious master bedroom had room for a small sectional.  Plenty of light streams in from the skylight, the clerestory windows, and the patio door.  Who wouldn’t want to sip coffee out on their private deck?


Living Room Before

Even though it took about a month to clear out many years’ worth of memories, it was worth the time and effort (plus a consultation from Premiere Home Stagers).  These wise sellers knew they had one opportunity to make a good first impression and thus, did not list their house until they were ready.  It paid off!  Call Premiere Home Stagers at 608-345-9396.