Ten things NOT to do when selling your house:

  1.  Do not put “temporary” items like this too-small table and folding chairs into your living space.  Of course home staging is recommended, but if the budget doesn’t allow for all the rooms to be staged, then an empty room is better.



2.  Do not show your house during remodeling, painting, or packing phases. Make sure all areas are “ready to go” before listing.


Kitchen Before


3.  Do not use garish wall colors–either paint or wallpaper. Color is taste-specific, so make the colors appeal to most.



4.  Do not speak negatively as to why you are moving.  For example, rather than saying, “the street is too busy,” or “I’d like my children to go to a better school,”  say positive true statements, such as “I’d like to move closer to work,” or “my in-law is moving in and we need a different floor plan,”  or  “we’re down-sizing.”


5.  Do not leave unnecessary items out in the open.  Have a space for everything. 


6.  Do not allow your pet(s) to distract your potential buyers with either chewed up trim or pet smells. Some buyers do not like any animals in their house. Remove them during showings and store their toys, chews, and crates.



7.  Do not ignore your neighborhood competition. Check out area homes for sale and see what they have that you don’t and vice versa for marketing purposes.

3443 Porch


8.  Do not leave any fix-it projects or repairs undone.  If small repairs are not done, buyers will think there must be other, potentially-larger projects left undone also.



9.  Do not hide your home’s best features—new roof, updated kitchen or baths.  If there is hardwood flooring underneath the carpeting, make sure the buyer knows this.  If there is a big-screen TV hook-up over the fireplace, make a note of this for the buyer.


10.  Do not block natural light from the window openings during showings, no matter what time of year.

3457 LR After







Take the time to ready your house for sale.  Ask friends for advice.  Interview realtors.  Your first impression needs to be the best it can be.  Call Premiere Home Stagers at 608-345-9396.