Premiere Home Stagers is beginning its 10th year in business.  That milestone deserves an upgrade to the website.  After getting some great advice on what is trending on website design and materials, I turned to Acme Dream Co. to do a complete overhaul.

If you have visited my website and read my blog before, you will note the website pages are the same, but the content is different.  There are current statistics, a video, a sign-up sheet, and even a place to fill in a form to get a quote for a vacant staging.

The best part is the ability to see “before and after” photos side-by-side.  You can click on any photo to see it larger, and then see the whole portfolio for that project.

One of my first occupied stagings was the bedroom below.  Putting color, texture, pattern, and interest was the goal to increase the likelihood that the homeowner will feel emotionally connected to the space.  In a vacant house, the goal is for the next homeowner to want to live there.

So, as I learn my way through posting on this new website, I will continue to display examples of my latest projects or give you information I feel relevant.

Thanks for being a part of my journey.  Call me at 608-345-9396.