Houses sell in Wisconsin throughout the year, however, winter can be especially tough.  This winter, however, was relatively mild as compared to other years.  Premiere Home Stagers was asked in late January to stage this property.

The homeowner needed to leave the state for a new job.  He hired a “flat-fee” real estate company, rather than a full-service company.  Therefore, I was asked to be the “go-to” person for this property.  Since I also have a real estate salesperson license, I was confident I could manage this.

The homeowner had had an inspection done before the listing and had taken care of all the items on the inspector’s list to be fixed.  After the professional photos were taken and the property listed, my phone began ringing with requests for showings.  The kitchen alone is reason to make an appointment.

Once prospective buyers reached the master bedroom, they could envision themselves sitting either inside or on the outside balcony, looking at a view of the State Capitol dome.  It only took 3 days before this property was under contract.

Did staging make a difference?  Absolutely!  Even the seller commented the fast sale was because of Premiere Home Stagers.  As my statistics bear out, staged homes sell faster and for more money than unstaged homes.  Why wouldn’t you want to make a great first impression?  Call Premiere Home Stagers at 608-345-9396.