When people find out I do home staging, they invariably think it’s a fun job decorating people’s spaces.  And it is!  However there are some things prospective stagers need to be aware of before embarking into this career.


A few mishaps that I have encountered are the following:

  1.  Not being able to have a Supra key  to access a house for a vacant consult.  Even though I have a real estate salesperson license, my MLS says I need to be under the tutelage of a broker in order to get a Supra key.  However, I partner with many different brokers so this is not an option.  Thus, I must wait for someone to unlock the door for me at an appointed time—which invariably gets changed.
  2. Working under icy and snowy conditions in the Wisconsin winter.  Some of the vacant houses I stage are rural or not in a particular subdivision.  So, sometimes I need to shovel the snow or deal with an icy patch when trekking the items into the house.
  3. Broken items.  Sometimes items get broken during the delivery process.  Or, on one occasion, the wind was gusting at 45 mph and literally blew a piece of glass right from my hands, breaking it into pieces, which I needed to clean up and then find a replacement.
  4. Not bringing all the pieces.  I have forgotten to bring the bolts to fasten the table legs to the table one time.  Which meant a trip to the nearest hardware store.
  5. Not being careful enough.  I recently took a nasty tumble down open basement stairs (see below). As I was leaving a dark house after de-staging, I was distracted when looking for the flashlight app on my phone.  I missed the hallway and found the basement stairs instead.  OUCH!

Reasons why I am a Home Stager

Reasons why I am a Home Stager



  1. I get to help people sell their homes faster and for more money.
  2. I get to scour various vendors for that “just right” piece to make their house more special.
  3. I get to mix various styles to create a unique style that appeals to the appropriate demographic.
  4. I love it when I change people’s view of their home and make it more efficient for them.
  5. I get to partner with various realtors who appreciate my talents.
  6. I get to do what I love to do.

I get to put my creative “stamp” on these next two properties.  Stay tuned.

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