The real estate market in Madison, WI, is thriving.  Thus when I receive a phone call from a home-seller asking for a consultation on a house that was listed 8 months prior, I tend to wonder if there is a problem.  Sometimes it is the time of year – winter weather can be brutal; sometimes it is the layout – not open concept; sometimes it’s the price – won’t negotiate; and sometimes it is the location – busy street.

The homeowners needed to move out-of-state. They took the furniture they needed in their new home and left the rest so the house wouldn’t be vacant. Could I help stage it?  Of course.

Formal Living Room
Before (from listing)

Partial Staging

The original photo (left) was taken on a sunny summer day. The other photo (right) was taken on a rainy March day.  I had to use the furniture that was left behind.  I separated the sectional and placed two chairs in a conversational arrangement. This is cozier than having the furniture hug the walls.

Office fully furnished (before)

Office partially staged

Photos of rooms are often taken when standing at the doorway. Two pieces were moved to the opposite wall to make a desk. The train picture will be hung above the desk, complimenting two other train pictures on the opposite wall. The books and other shelf pieces had previously been packed away and moved to their new location. There is a comfy chair with a matching footstool situated near the window for easy reading.

Family Room

Family Room partially staged

The family room is normally where the family would gather to watch TV or play games–video or board or warm up by the fire.  This room is large and rectangular, thus it can accommodate two groupings of furniture–one for the fireplace and one positioned where the TV would be.

There is a secondary staircase from this room to the upstairs bedrooms, especially convenient to access the master bedroom and the second-floor laundry room.  The main staircase is in the front foyer.

A Perfectly Fine House

Even though most of the furniture and accessories had been packed and moved, there was still enough left for a prospective buyer to visualize the size and scale of each room.  I suggested some extra accessories such as table centerpieces plus some left-over books and faux foliage to place on the built-in shelves for some softness.

There was a lot of updating on this house and it shows quite well.  It has a good layout, is at a good price, has good amenities (4- car garage, spa master bath, 2 staircases), and is in a good location, within a good school district.  Perhaps this spring someone will realize they could be very happy living here!