Isn’t this the photo you would like to have in your online portfolio rather than an empty room?

This is what we started with.

After painting….notice how much calmer and larger this room feels. (Sherwin-Williams Pussywillow #7643)

There used to be red paint on this side of the living room also.  Even though the other walls are painted an off-white color, the Pussywillow blends in nicely with the rest of the wall color in the living and dining rooms.

The dining area is off the kitchen and is large enough to accommodate a larger table and more seating.  The built-in shelving can be used as a serving place or a “get your own drinks” station.

When bedrooms are left vacant, prospective buyers have a hard time visualizing how large of a bed the room can hold.  Premiere Home Stagers usually uses queen-sized mattresses to show size and scale.

A Sweet Gem

The homeowners debated whether they should stage their house before listing it.  But after spending time cleaning, painting, and fixing those little items that every house needs to do, they realized you only get one chance to make a good first impression.  Meaning…. You Only List Once (YOLO).

The homeowners were happy with the staging and glad to have good photos to post with their listing.  My guess is this house won’t be long on the market.