Premiere  Home Stagers is a home staging company instead of an interior design company.  People still ask me what home staging is even though I’m in my 10th year of staging.  I also get asked how one gets certified or educated in home staging.  When filling out my Wisconsin sales tax forms and also the Wisconsin annual report, I need to check the box marked “interior design,” because there isn’t a home stager box to check–at least not yet.


Home Staging is the art of transforming your house for the next owner.  Interior design is making your home more desirable for you.  The home stager wants you to see the house as you peruse through the rooms.  The interior designer wants to add layers upon layers specific to your tastes.

Madison College Portfolio Show

I had the pleasure of attending the Madison College Interior Design portfolio show.  The graduates show their work over the course of their two-year studies.  Some were involved in actual construction design, having a specific customer and designing for their specific needs.  They also had a commercial project such as a salon, a coffee shop, or a design studio.  Very impressive.

Training and Experience

No matter where, or if, one gets educated or accredited in the home staging industry, you need a passion for the work, natural talent, good accounting skills, and an ability to relate to people who are going through transitions.  Some of these qualities can be learned through training and experience.  The natural talent is the ability to be able to visualize a “best case scenario” in a filled room. That includes what should  be removed, re-positioned, or added; paint colors, accessories, and art work.  If you are a person who re-arranged the furniture in your house (or your friends’) when growing up, or even when you rented a vacation condo, then you have a natural talent.

I would be happy to talk more with you about the home staging profession.  Premiere Home Stagers 608-345-9396