2016 Duplex Unit
2017 Duplex Unit

Last year, Premiere Home Stagers staged a vacant duplex in a row of duplexes in a new subdivision.  The builder’s demographic was based upon a new retirement community being built across the street from his properties.  Each duplex was similar, having a two-car garage, two bedrooms and two baths on the main level and an exposed basement to be built to the specifications of the new owner.  The builder is very meticulous, taking pride on the quality of his crew’s labor and subcontractors.  However, these units didn’t seem to sell as fast as the economy dictated.

The builder decided to specify white cabinentry for 2017 instead of the cherry cabinets he had been using in 2014-2016.  He said everyone who had seen the property thought he had enlarged the footprint of the kitchen.  He hadn’t.  People also thought the unit looked fresher and more contemporary than the older units–even though everything else was the same.

A Lighter Palette

The 2017 duplex unit was staged with blues and greens to complete the white trim and cabinetry throughout.  The lighter bedspread complements the white cabinetry of the master bathroom.

The  only room to have darker furniture and accessories is the office—due to the abundance of natural light.

An Easy Sell

There is no doubt in my mind that this unit does indeed look more contemporary and fresh with the white cabinetry and trim throughout.  It is certainly fathomable that this unit will sell faster and for more money because the builder noticed the trends of the industry and made some changes.  He is also wise to have a model unit staged so prospective buyers can visualize the size and scale of a room.  Call Premiere Home Stagers for some trendy advice.  608-345-9396