Premiere Home Stagers is in its 10th year staging both occupied and vacant homes.  I thought I had seen and heard about almost all of the staging tips out there.  However, I recently came across some unusual tips that I thought I’d share.

Unusual Tips from Realtor Magazine

1.  Have the sellers make a short DVD of fun times that they had in the home and surrounding area. Make the DVD run on a loop on the TV and use it to show potential buyers the area, neighborhood amenities, proximity to parks museums, etc. It is easy and cost effective.

2. Ask a local fabric shop to donate beautiful fabrics. Use it to cover the following: an air mattress with a not-so-great comforter (cover the comforter with an over-sized sheet, and then place a nice fabric in the middle or end of the bed).

3.  Hang sheers, fabric, or draperies on the wall behind the bed.  It serves as a headboard, visually raising the ceilings and, particularly in a master suite, adds a sense of elegance and luxury.

4.  If your listing has some green features (Energy Star appliances, generator, double-paned windows, bamboo flooring), continue the theme with strategically placed soy candles, homemade guest soaps, and green cleaning products.

5.  Place designer retail bags (Neiman-Marcus, Chanel, Coach, etc.) in different sizes and shapes on the shelves in the walk-in closets in the master bedroom or linen closet.

6.  Place one or two iron easels in different rooms. On the easel, place a mirror or framed art that complements the colors of the walls or floors. This is helpful when the seller doesn’t want any nail holes in the walls.

7.   Hang a wreath on the front door . The wreath stays with the house for the new owners. Hang a black nightgown on the master bathroom door.

8.  Purchase new dog bowls and beds to indicate upkeep and freshness for the dog or cat.  Keep pet items contained in a laundry or utility room.


Emotional Connections

While Premiere Home Stagers has not used any of these unusual “staging tips” as suggested by Realtor Magazine, whatever works for your demographic to get the house sold may be worth trying.

My staging philosophy is to place the appropriate style and size of items into a room, then add a touch of something special to encourage an emotional connection.  It might be some sailing items if near a lake; a stack of books on an end table next to a reading nook; a coffee bar in the master bedroom; or perhaps a pitcher with glasses on a tray in a sun room.  People need to visualize themselves living in this home, so give them a reason why this house is meant for them.  Call Premiere Home Stagers at 608-345-9396.