I took night classes at the local community college for 10 years to learn how to reupholster furniture.  I am certainly not a master upholsterer, but I manage to do OK.  This comes in handy when I want a particular color scheme for a house to be staged, but I can’t find just the right item at either a reasonable price or within my time frame.  I then scour the second-hand stores, consignment stores, or discount stores to find something that is close, then reupholster the item with the fabric of my choice.


Since I also work as a business manager for a residential remodeling firm, I help customers with their specifications.  I recommend paint colors, light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, flooring, and tile.  This is especially helpful when choosing items for staging.  If the trim is white, I choose items that will both complement and contrast the light color.  For example, if the kitchen cabinets are white, I choose a darker countertop.  There are exceptions when the customer wants a monochromatic color scheme.

Vacant Staging Proposal

I partner with realtors and homeowners to stage their vacant properties.   I give a ballpark range over the phone and if that seems appropriate to the seller, I set up an appointment to view the property.  I follow up with a proposal after I have selected furniture and accessories that best fit the respective spaces.  My proposal lists each room and what that particular room would cost to stage for 60 days.  This way the seller can pick and choose the rooms they wish staged beyond the basic rooms (living room, dining room/kitchen and master).  In this case, the seller chose to do the whole main floor, which included two more bedrooms and a bathroom.


I also do consultations for homeowners who either have or will be listing their properties but just need some adjustments on furniture and accessories placement.  The left photo shows the family room after furniture was re-positioned.  The right photo is “in progress.”  The entertainment center needs to be moved to the blank wall but was too heavy to do so at that time.  By the time we finished, the homeowner remarked that she fell in love with her home all over again and wished she had called me years ago when they moved in.  The house is sure to evoke good emotional responses and should sell quickly.

Premiere Home Stagers

I regularly answer email questions regarding a particular furniture layout or talk with a person who is thinking about starting a home staging career.  Home staging is a service industry that wishes success for anyone wishing to sell or stay in their homes.  Call Premiere Home Stagers for help with your property.  608-345-9396