I have been staging for a realtor who understands the value of home staging.  I asked how business was going, to which the realtor said business was booming, in part due to staging.  I am happy to hear that, as I, of course, believe that home stagers are in business to help realtors and homeowners sell homes faster and for more money.

After just two weeks on the market, the seller’s estate accepted an offer.  The bank trustee was wise to realize the importance of staging also, especially when the “high selling season” will start to wane in the next few weeks.  Most people want to be settled into their home and register with their school district before school starts.

By staging the entire main level, prospective buyers could visualize themselves living there, plus see the size and scale of each room.  I believe this house would not have sold as quickly without staging due to some work needing to be done.  In a vacant house, all one sees are imperfections because there is nothing else to look at.

It is difficult to figure out what room this is online if it is vacant.  Don’t make people guess…..stage it so they know what the room’s purpose is.

Bedroom Before

From sad to glad.  This child’s bedroom is full of fun now.

Master Bedroom

Master Before

Assisted Living Unit

The assisted living salesperson let me know  the model unit I had staged had sold before our contract expired.  She asked if I could move the contents of this model to another unit within the building.  I am happy to oblige under a new discounted contract.  It’s a win-win.  She gets a discounted price and I don’t have to rent a moving van or extra help.

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