Settling an Estate

Settling an estate is a lengthy process.  The house sat empty for months waiting until legal procedures were properly executed.  Luckily, the bank trustee requested the house be staged in order to recoup as much as possible.  Landscaping was done, the carpets cleaned, and the house cleaned, but painting wasn’t an option.

Living Room

I liked the way I staged this room.  I removed the gold sheers as they were casting a yellow hue on the beige walls.  I placed the sofa in the position to view the fireplace without making a barrier into the living room. However, the sofa makes a nice break between the dining area and living room.  The two easy chairs are diminutive so that they fit nicely on the only living room wall. The area rug picks up the colors from the sofa and the two chairs.  It just feels right.

Dining Area

I also know when it doesn’t feel “just right.”  The dining area needed something more, but what?  I tried a large foliage piece and a buffet table, but both crowded the space.  I then remembered another piece I had in my inventory that was perfect.


This bar cart was the answer.  It is small enough to nestle between the kitchen and dining table; the shape is similar to the table; fulfills a purpose.

Transition Space

I felt something should be in this space.  I wondered if the space belonged to the living room or to the kitchen.  Because it acts like a hallway, whatever I put there had to have a small footprint and go with either the kitchen or living room.  I tried the same large foliage and buffet table as in the dining room.  It didn’t feel right either.

A smaller version of a plant stand fits the bill.  It doesn’t stick out into the hallway; it matches the metal wall art perfectly; it is compatible with both the kitchen and the living room.


The smallest bedroom (out of three) is the perfect size for an office.  There is a place for some shelving on the inside wall. When sitting at the desk, one can gaze at the bird feeder just out the window.  Natural light floods the room but doesn’t interfere with a computer screen if on the desk.  You could use the desk to play board games with a friend.  It’s a nice, quiet area to read, do work, or have fun.

Premiere Home Stagers initially thought only the living room, dining room/kitchen and master bedroom/bath would be staged because it is an estate sale.  I was glad the decision was made to stage the whole main floor—which included two other bedrooms and the main bath.  When each room flows nicely from one to the other, it is more appealing and detracts any minor imperfections.  Call Premiere Home Stagers at 608-345-9396 for advice on your estate sale.