Days on the Market

The longer the days on the market, the likelihood of a “stale sale.”  That means people who are in the market to purchase a home have already  taken at least an online look and decided either not to schedule a showing, or perhaps have attended a showing and decided the house did not meet their needs.

So, what does a seller do?  They either wait until the next selling season, take price reductions, or in the case of a vacant house, decide to stage it.  This vacant house has been on the market for over 5 months and reduced the price by over $75,000.

Living Room

This formal living room is immediately off the front door.  I think it is a little confusing on how to arrange the furniture due to the fireplace, two openings, the front window and an awkward angle.  So, if a home stager is a little confused, imagine how a prospective buyer might try to do this.  I did come up with a furniture plan that focuses on the fireplace, but still allows movement throughout.


Formal Dining Room

This is one of the largest formal dining rooms I have seen.  It’s also one of the darkest rooms due to the seller taking the crystal chandelier with them–and not replacing it with a light fixture.  Plus, the grey wallpaper and heavy drapes don’t let much light reflect into the room.  Of course I suggested installing a light fixture, but also recommended wallpaper removal and take down the “bunting” valances.


The office is separated from the family room by a set of french doors, which doesn’t give much privacy during a conference call or concentrated business work.  It might be advantageous to put window film on the french doors that is translucent. The wallpaper, heavy desk, and built-in bookshelves are all the same color.  Again, I recommended wallpaper removal.

Family Room

Furniture placement is challenging in this family room because of the office doorway, the opening to the kitchen, plus a patio door, three windows, and the fireplace. The TV was formerly placed on the far rear wall, (opposite the fireplace wall) which oriented the seating away from the focal point–the fireplace.  I suggested a floating furniture arrangement due to an electrical floor outlet.

What are buyers looking for?

Buyers today are younger and more affluent than previous generations.  They are not looking for formal living or formal dining rooms.  They like open spaces and large kitchens where people can hang out. They want updated kitchens and bathrooms because they know those rooms are more expensive to renovate.  They like having a dedicated home office because a lot of them can work from home at least some of the time.

They also want a low-maintenance home.  They don’t want to spend quality time on week-ends doing home maintenance projects such as cleaning the gutters, landscaping, or fixing things.  They are more likely to hire someone else or just replace rather than repair.

Vacant Staging

Staging a home is always helpful as it helps people to feel at home the moment they walk through the door, as opposed to having to imagine what it could look like once they move in,” according to Jeff Hyland, realtor. “Buyer expectations are often met — and at times, exceeded — by staging a home.”

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