Trade Organizations

In any trade, there are organizations you can join to better your trade and yourself. Topics range from personal growth to how to grow a better business.  The home staging industry is not accredited nor licensed by any state at this time.  There are about 37 different designations one can earn, depending upon where you live (domestic or international), the amount of time you wish to spend either online or on-site, and the type of material you want to learn.  For example, I earned the designation of Home Staging Resource Pro (HSR-Pro) and belong to the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA).  However, I also belong to the International Association of Home Staging Professionals (IAHSP).  I have attended conferences for both trade organizations.  In fact, I recently attended a regional IAHSP one-day conference in the Chicago area this past week-end.


What do home staging professionals talk about during these conferences?  It’s pretty much everything EXCEPT how to stage a house.  In this photo, a group of realtors had a panel discussion. The moderator asked particular questions and the attendees asked follow-up questions.  Three of the realtors were from the Greater Chicago Area, and one was from Colorado, attending with his stager wife.  The Colorado realtor suggested that if any stager is not making 6 figures, you are doing something wrong.  Really!?


In Colorado, there were 39,585 properties listed for sale as of last month, 21,037 of them single family homes. There were about 50,387 properties listed for sale in Wisconsin.  How does that impact home staging?

The amount of land that can be built in Colorado is disproportionate to the amount of total land in that state due to the mountains.  That means there are more people competing for fewer properties.  If a property is staged, it is likely to command multiple offers and sell for much higher than the listed price.

Median Sales Price

In Wisconsin, the median listed price is $195,000, whereas in Colorado, the median listed price is $408,000.  When you factor in that the property taxes in Wisconsin (#5) is 3 times higher than in Colorado (#43), it makes a difference in how much house one can afford. People can afford more house in Colorado because their property tax is 1/3 than in Wisconsin.  Why?  Because the legal sale of marijuana enables infrastructure and services without having to depend solely on a property owner.  See where your state lies nationally.


When a room is not staged, any imperfection becomes noticeable.


Does this staged room encourage you to make a showing appointment?

Home Staging Statistics

The 2017 Home Staging Statistics are available (click on red text or copy and paste the following URL):

No matter what your market, most realtors and home sellers see the value in staging your home before listing it.  There are different staging price points.  Some stagers in California request 1% of the list price, but that also includes handling repairs and updates. Some stagers have a fixed price, some stagers price their services by the amount of square footage.  Some sellers only want vignettes–only accessories among a couple of small furniture items.  Some sellers want the whole house staged, some only want three rooms.

Home stagers provide valuable services at all price points. Homes sell in all kinds of conditions and locations.  However, the sale price and days on the market can be influenced by home staging.   Call Premiere Home Stagers for a consultation.  608-345-9396