Historic Madison, Inc.

Historic Madison, Inc.’s mission is to preserve the history of Madison, WI through publications and events.  One such annual event is the Alternate Parade of Homes.  Last week Madison’s Eken Park Neighborhood (Ē-ken) sponsored the Parade.  This neighborhood is an east side community of small houses and apartments built primarily after World War II to serve area manufacturing facilities. Each house was 1.5 stories, and four rooms (Living, Kitchen, two bedrooms, plus one bath).  Some owners have since converted the basement and/or the attic space to living space.

Living room


Outdoor Patio

This was my favorite house. It was remodeled to be casual and cozy, but yet modern and contemporary.  The spaces were efficient and organized.  The outdoor area was a perfect connection to the inside.

Even the basement storage area was perfectly arranged.  There were no wasted spaces or unnecessary items in this house.


Each home had some sort of quirky item showcased.  It speaks to the personality of the house and the occupants.  It gave each visitor a smile–which might have been the intention all along.

The backyards of some of these diminutive houses were impressive.  There were gravel paths strewn with beautiful plantings, plus eye-catching garden figures, water features, wind structures, fire pits, and seating.

Neighborhood Sculpture

Chicken Coop

Eken Park

The Alternate Parade of Homes is an opportunity for people to view how other people have turned their house into a home.  It can be inspiring to see that others have done remodeling to make their spaces more efficient and comfortable for them.  These houses on the “Parade route” were colorful, well-thought out, and minimalist.  No need to build a “tiny house” unless you want one on wheels.  Thank you to Madison Historic, Inc., and the Eken Park Neighborhood.  It was a pleasure visiting you.