The Color Purple

Purple is a lovely color.  The homeowners love purple so much they painted their bedroom purple, chose a purplish hue for their kitchen tile, adhered a purple-patterned wallpaper border, and purchased a purple sofa and two chairs.  But now it was time to down-size.  After some months of little interest, they wisely called Premiere Home Stagers.

Master Bedroom
Kitchen Tile
Wallpaper Border

Purple is a lovely color.  However, when selling your house, you need to be mindful that other people might not appreciate the color to the extent that the sellers do.  To appeal to all prospective buyers, Premiere Home Stagers worked to use complementary colors, such as orange and green.  Check out the color wheel to see for yourself.

Dining Areas

There are two dining areas, the formal dining room right off the front door, and the informal dining off the kitchen.  Both rooms were staged with neutral furniture so anyone could imagine themselves either hosting a dinner party, or having a family lunch.

This sunroom is right off the kitchen dinette.  You could take your freshly-made coffee into the sunroom every season of the year.  There is a  corner wood-burning fireplace (behind the french door) that will warm you during cold months. Then open the windows for fresh sunlit air during the warm months.  The view of the horse pasture across the way is splendid.


Yellow is a primary color directly opposite purple.  This office’s yellow color is a bright spot at the front of the house, opposite the formal dining room.  This is where you could shut the french doors and work all day without being disturbed.  This area could also be used as a craft room or a home-school classroom.


Even though purple is a lovely color, this house will appeal to the most number of people.  By using complementary colors, fresh accessories and updated decorative items, this house is sure to please anyone.   Call Premiere Home Stagers at 608-3435-9396.