Living Room

This homeowner changed her living room furniture about 5 years ago.  She found some pieces she liked, but never really felt it was perfect.  That’s what happens sometimes when we purchase items that are “good enough,” at the time, but don’t hit the target.  It’s the same way with buying clothes. You look for a particular color and style, but settle for something that is close enough.


The dark brown leather sofa has a conversation bend to it. It fits the space. The leaf chair swivels so as to watch TV and also to talk to people on the sofa.  The black-patterned chair is a recliner that is so comfortable when reclining.  However, the striped rug is too small for this space and, after 5 years, the homeowner said it all looked too bland and not cozy.

It began with a carpet

The re-design began when Premiere Home Stagers found this brick red rug in the perfect size (7×10) for a good price ($269) through Houzz.  There is both tan and light green colors, which complement the green wall color and the tan carpeting.

The next step was finding a sofa and loveseat for sale in the neighborhood online website.  At first Premiere Home Stagers purchased the set ($700) to use in a vacant staging, but after bringing them back to put in the warehouse, I realized it might work in this house.


Change of Artwork

Because this house is across the street from a lake, this 2-piece wood painting was the perfect thing to complement both the  room colors and the environment.  I also changed out some accessories on the built-in shelf unit as well as on the end tables.  This living room feels cozy and comfortable.  (There is a family room where most of the TV viewing takes place.)  It’s a perfect place for conversations.



No matter how you spell it, (re-design, redesign), or call it something else:  restructuredredraftedrevamped,  reworkedreconfiguredreshapedoverhauledreformulatedreorganizedrewordedrethoughtre-alignedre-engineered, redevelopedrevised,  modifiedrecast, the result is the same:  taking something and making it different.

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