Madison East Side

Madison, WI is divided into geographic zones:  East Side, West Side, North Side, South Side

Due to the three area lakes, traveling from one side of town to another either involves traveling through the Isthmus (a narrow strip of land between lakes) or going around a lake.  The west side of town was traditionally known as people having professional or white-collar jobs whereas the east side of town was traditionally known as people having blue-collar or service jobs.  That line has blurred as many east side neighborhoods have undergone urban transition into trendy places to live.

Investors took this house down to the bare bones, removed walls, and reconfigured the space.  It’s beautifully done, with nice floors, fixtures, and finishes.  They hired a realtor and listed it.  However, prospective buyers couldn’t quite visualize how the spaces could work for them.  Enter Premiere Home Stagers who could help put warmth, light, and texture within this beauty.

Master Bedroom

It was difficult for people to envision where to place the bed when the space was empty because the room is long and narrow.  Once staged, it was a natural place to position the bed—there is more privacy from the doorway.  Plus, the closets and dresser occupy the other end, which makes perfect sense.

The Master Bathroom can be accessed through the Master Bedroom or the hallway.  The trendy tile is a nice touch!

Office Loft

This 2nd floor space near the laundry is a great spot for a home office.  It’s tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the main floor living area.  You could play computer games or peruse the internet while your clothes are drying. Since the bedrooms are just steps away, putting away the clean laundry is a breeze.  It’s also a quiet place to read under natural light.

A Great Neighborhood

This gem is located on a dead-end street that leads to a bike path.  It is that type of street where everyone knows their neighbors. Most have lived in the area for many years, an eclectic mix of people.  This neighborhood is likely to be THE place to live!

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