Traditional Homes

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Premiere Home Stagers was asked to consult on two traditional homes, one on the market and one that will be on the market in the spring.  The listed house was vacant.  Apparently, the floor plan was confusing for prospective buyers because the rooms were long and narrow. That made it hard to visualize exactly where to position furniture.  Those are typical comments from buyers when looking at vacant homes.

Music Room

This room was challenging even for me.  This room is immediately off the living room, the opening in view from the front door.  It is important to designate a purpose, but one that doesn’t duplicate another room or area of the house.  Since there already was a built-in desk for an office in the family room, I decided this would be the perfect spot for a music room.  You can close off both sets of french doors and the carpet can absorb sounds.

Living Room

So what makes this living room traditional?

Traditional style is classic, orderly, and predictable. There is nothing wild or chaotic in a traditional room. Furnishings are historical and might feel outdated. Nothing is a surprise.


The other house I consulted on was also traditional.  These homeowners were quite wise to schedule me to help decide which pieces should stay and which should go, then re-arrange the rooms to better fit the spaces and their lifestyle.  They will give some items to family or friends, donate, or pack them up to take to their next home.

Furniture Placement

It is very common for people to put their furniture against the walls.  What I noticed was a lack of a conversation group because the pieces were either too far away or not facing each other.  The fireplace (out of view) was also being neglected.  After deciding which pieces should remain, the area rug and sofa were turned 180° to face the fireplace.

Dining Room

The dining room is the perfect place to hold family gatherings.  However, there were too many hard surfaces in this space.  We decided to remove the one piece that didn’t need to be there (out of view) and replace it with a soft item such as a floor vase and foliage.  It is a good idea to insert some softness in a room full of hard surfaces.

Staging Goals

In the vacant house, my goal is to warm up the rooms with texture, color, and interest with accessories and artwork. The furniture arrangement should take advantage of the focal points in each room

In the occupied house, the goal is to showcase a particular lifestyle.  This means the furniture should be placed in a conversation grouping, with each room highlighting its particular purpose so that buyers can visualize themselves living there.

Stay tuned for the next phases.  In the meantime, call Premiere Home Stagers for a consultation or staging.  608-345-9396.