eXp Realty

Well, I finally did it.  I’ve had my real estate salesperson license for 6 years, but was never associated with a realty firm, until now.

I am passionate about home staging.  I’ve been in hundreds of homes over the 10 years I have been staging.  But until eXp Realty came to be, it wasn’t something I thought was right for me. eXp Realty is a cloud-based real estate firm.  This is a perfect fit.   So what does eXp stand for?  No particular words, but I choose to focus on “Expect an Expert Experience.”

I sometimes get asked for realtor referrals when I’m staging.  So it is a good fit to join with a realty firm because I’m already in their homes and have developed some trust. Just recently, I staged two vacant properties for people whose property sat empty for months. Perhaps had these properties been staged beforehand, the listing agents might have had more success due to better online photos.  I can offer a package deal to potential clients for both staging and listing their property now.

Home Staging Resource

The home staging certification coursework I received business training from,  Home Staging Resource (HSR),  has some information on being a stager and a realtor.  Check out what Audra Slinkey, the owner and trainer, says about this.

4 Secrets to Success for REALTORS® Who Are Also Home Stagers

“Lately I’ve been getting a lot of inquiries from agents looking for “Realtor Staging Training”. I get it, the market is hot and home staging works to get the price the seller is hoping for BUT…not all agents can be stagers. Why?  I’ve found in the over 10 years of training, there’s a formula to agents who have great success selling AND home staging themselves.”

1.  They Are Passionate about Home Staging

The passion has been ingrained since they were children re-arranging their bedrooms, cleaning and de-cluttering.  Now if you think that everyone does that, you are VERY wrong.  You are either born with this passion or not.

2.  They Know Their Limitations

“You cannot be all things to all people. Being a successful realtor and home stager are usually two separate jobs, so unless you have the passion for both, outsource the work to someone who does.”

3. They Take Great Care of Their Relationships

“I’ve heard some agents who stage say that other agents will not refer staging business their way because they don’t trust them not to steal their client. Trust is an issue and being trustworthy and recognizing that the agent is your most important client of all (for stagers) is essential to success.”

4. They Invest in Their Credentials & Education

“Real Estate Agents understand almost better than any other industry the need to constantly educate yourself on your industry. Home Staging Certification, when done right, should NEVER end! Why? The art of home staging is closely aligned with design and the real estate market which are two constantly changing, evolving industries.

Realtor staging training should involve not only the “how to” but also the business logistics to serving other agents with your staging business.​”

Premiere Home Stagers

My phone number for both Premiere Home Stagers and for eXp Realty, LLC is the same:  608-345-9396.  I’d love to help you stage, then sell your home.  My statistics show that staged homes sell faster and for more money.