ColorMix 2018

Sherwin Williams does a great job keeping abreast of color trends each year. They graciously host regional presentations for design professionals to network and learn about their design tools.  Check out their website for color ideas and tools for your use.  For example, you can take a photo and upload it, then choose a wall color online using ColorSnap to see how your room might look without ever purchasing a can of paint.

There are three groupings of colors that various color institutes believe are trending throughout the world in fashion, art, world events such as the Olympics, and retail orders.

Sincerity Group

This first grouping is called “Sincerity.”  The premise is “less is more.”  As people are more transient, they want colors that can go with any decor.  Thus, “blending in is the new standing out.”  Don’t you love the advertising lingo?

Some colors in this group are named:  Rojo Dust (SW9006), Sashay Sand (SW6051), and Acacia Haze (SW9132)

See the whole group at:


The second grouping is called “Unity.”  Darker, richer colors are in this group.  The influence is nationalism and globalism. We are part of our local community while being connected to our ethnicity and old world heritage.  Folklore fabrics and crafts are part of this palette.

Color names include:  Exuberant Pink (SW6840), Heartthrob (SW6866), and Borscht (SW7578).

See these colors at:

Fellow Stagers: Laura, Deb, and me


The third grouping is called “Connectivity.”  The younger generation is so attached to technology that most decisions they make involve using apps, search engines, or social media.  “Techies are the new hippies, full of breakthrough ideas.”

This high-tech palette includes a more modern vibe such as:  Organic Green (SW6732), Grape Harvest (SW6285), and Overjoy (SW6689).

See the rest of the group at:

Color Consultations

Premiere Home Stagers provides color consultations in case you are stuck as to which paint color’s tones and hues are right for your rooms.  You need to take in account the trim color, the floor color, and built-in items (i.e., fireplace, bookshelves) before you choose a paint color.

Call 608-345-9396 for your consultation.  Make 2018 a new beginning for you.