Once again, Premiere Home Stagers received a call to consult on a vacant condo that has been listed for almost 5 months.  Since realtor statistics show condos sell slower and staging statistics show staged properties sell faster, I wish I had had the opportunity to stage this a while ago.

I can see why prospective buyers might be confused on furniture layout.  First of all, a vacant property rarely shows well because there is nothing to look at except the flooring and the walls.  Any minor imperfections really stand out.  Secondly, there were three areas that even I had to put my thinking cap on.

The hallways leads to a rounded niche located in a corner of the dining room.  It should be considered a focal point, which means something enticing needs to be here.

So let’s brainstorm on what might be placed here.  I gleaned through my inventory, then went through photos at Houzz and Craig’s List looking for something interesting.  Because the niche has a round wall, wall art is not feasible.  I need something both tall and dining related.

Another small niche occurs immediately inside the front door.

This niche could be used as an umbrella stand, a coat tree, or foliage on a stand.

The room to the right of the fireplace is a flex room.  It was used as a guest room previously because it has an attached bathroom, as do the other two bedrooms.

Most people would prefer not to see a bed while watching TV in the living room.  Since this room has hardwood floors and lots of natural light, it is perfect as an office, a craft studio, hobby room, or playroom.

I hope I get an opportunity to stage this gorgeous property.  A stager’s goal is to help both the homeowner and realtor sell their property faster and for more money.  Why not do everything you can, even in a seller’s market, to get the most for your property.  Staging is ALWAYS less expensive than your first price reduction.  Please call Premiere Home Stagers at 608-345-9396