Home stagers will perform consultations on your house as to items that need to be removed, items that should be re-positioned elsewhere, and where to place items in each room.  The stager will also make recommendations as to repairs, updates and paint colors.  They either charge an hourly rate or give a straight fee depending upon the square footage or length of time.  No actual staging takes place during these consultations.

Occupied Stagings

After you have done what the consultation recommends, the home stager will return and actually stage your items.  This is another charge based upon the rooms to be staged.  All items used in the staging are the homeowners.  Most stagers will not bring in items from their inventory for an occupied staging because homeowners are still living in the house.  There have been many cases whereby stagers’ items are soiled, ruined, broken, or smells bad from pets, cooking odors, or smoking.

A Premiere Consultation

Premiere Home Stagers often melds a consultation into an occupied staging whenever feasible.

This lovely condo was on the market for about 6 months without selling.  It was nice, but not staged.  The realtor suggested staging might help give it a “fresh look.”  When I saw the “before,”  it didn’t quite feel right.  Sometimes the furniture angle isn’t right, some softness was needed, and some height.  This is the “after” photo.  It feels just right.

So, instead of telling the seller what to do, it is so much easier and so much more satisfying for the owner to actually move the items and see for herself how much of a difference it makes.  There are times when the seller isn’t sure I made the right decision in re-positioning her items because that’s the way it’s always been.  However, once items are moved and then staged, the affirmation comes.  Usually they say, “I never would have thought of it this way.”  The realtor shared that her seller was “thrilled.”  After new photos are taken, the online photos are more likely to enhance showings, a win-win for the seller and realtor.

Occupied Staging

In this house, the seller was in the process of down-sizing.  She had removed a lot of her belongings, leaving behind items needed for staging.  Luckily, the realtor was also there, so we were able to move items in different rooms, take down lots of wall art, and then stage it.

Before, there were two black chairs facing the sofa, with their backs to the fireplace.  Fireplaces are always a focal point.  You should orient the furniture in a conversational grouping,  while recognizing the importance of the fireplace.

The media (TV and stereo system) are located in this room also.

However, in this house, there are two focal points because this is lake property.

The focal point of this large room (below) is the spectacular views of the lake.  The sectional is oriented toward the windows, not in a conversational grouping.

Sitting in front of the pellet-burning fireplace is a nice way to keep warm during cold or rainy times while still enjoying the lake view.


Premiere Home Stagers charges the same whether for a consultation or for an occupied staging—on an hourly basis.  The first hour is $125 and any succeeding hour is charged at $80.  I can usually get most done within a 2-hour time period.  I leave a written report (done while I am there) that lists what else needs to be done—such as clean the windows, take down the draperies, or move heavy items.

In all cases, the seller understands what a big difference staging has made and then is motivated to finish the job.  The realtor is pleased that the house can be listed sooner.

Whether you wish a consult or an occupied staging, call Premiere Home Stagers at 608-345-9396.