New Bathroom Addition

A client is working with Haver Design & Construction, Inc. to construct a bedroom/bathroom ensuite addition, with laundry in the master closet.  This is no small undertaking.  The rooms have been framed, mechanicals are roughed-in, and insulated.  After passing inspections, it is now time to drywall.  After the drywall is completed, the tile will be installed. Thus, the client needed to choose tile.

It is important to choose tile that is readily available. Some tile comes directly from other countries, so it might take 4-5 weeks to get.  Or, even if the tile is readily available, tile installers are not easy to schedule as the good ones are always busy.

So, where do you start?

You start by going over the plans and determining where each type of tile should go.


Every project should start with a plan or a layout, depending upon the scope of the project.

The client needed bathroom and closet flooring, a shower floor, shower walls, and decorative tile on the vanity backsplash.

Choosing Tile
  1.  Make an appointment with an in-house tile designer and bring your plans.
  2. Come with a few ideas in mind, such as color scheme or type of tile you might be interested in.
  3. Start by looking at the various tile vingnettes the store has on display.  You’ll quickly realize what you don’t like so you can hone in on what you do like.
  4. Choose tile that goes with the space.  For example, in a shower pan, you’ll need small tiles to make the subtle curve needed for the water to drain.
  5. Bathroom floor tile should not be slippery, so choosing a textured tile or a tile with more grout lines will have a little more friction.
  6. Decide whether you would like a feature wall in the shower.  You can add accent tiles to make a statement.  Put this accent tile inside a soap/shampoo niche and perhaps use this same accent tile as a vanity backsplash to tile the colors together.
  7. Choose how you want the tile to run–stacked, vertical, horizontal, diagonal, or in specific patterns.  Any deviation from standard tile laying will cost more to install.

Tile Choices

It only took an hour to choose the following tile pieces with the help of The Tile Shop’s in-house designer, Debi.

This is tile that has the texture of carpet.  It is absolutely perfect in the bathroom as well as the master bedroom closet floor–especially with a washer/dryer in the closet.

The small 2″x 2″ tiles will be the floor of the shower.  The vertical tile will be installed in this direction on the shower walls.  Both the bathroom floor and the shower walls will be in the same plane–vertically.

The accent tile in strips will be installed inside the niche as well as be the vanity backsplash.

The vanity top sample is on the left and coordinates well with the white cabinetry.  This countertop material will also be used inside the shower as a bench seat.

Premiere Home Stagers offers clients consulting and shopping services to help them navigate through their selections.  I love choosing tile, flooring, paint colors, plumbing fixtures, lighting, cabinetry or countertops, even furniture and accessories.  Help is only a phone call away:  608-345-9396.