Should Every House be Staged?

Premiere Stagers & Realty get this question all the time.  My answer is that most houses should be staged before listing. Houses don’t need to be staged when they have little-to-no-value and you’re basically selling the property; or when you are selling to a relative or to a house flipper for cash.

Otherwise, you are leaving money on the table. The money you spend on vacant staging will almost certainly be recouped with a better list price, a higher offer, and a faster sale, therefore reducing your carrying costs.  Depending upon the tax laws in your area, moving expenses may be deductible.

Vacant staging is always less expensive than the loss you take on the first price reduction.  I mostly stage condos and single family homes usually under 3500 square feet.  I have yet to charge $5,000 for a vacant stage, yet that is the minimum first price reduction of the list price.  Most of my vacant stagings are between $1800-$2600 for one- to- 60 days, with a monthly furniture rental charge of $360, pro-rated thereafter.

So, what does that price range include?  Usually rooms on the main floor:  living, dining, kitchen, and/or master bedroom/bath.

Living Room

The owner wasn’t sure she wanted to stage her property because her house is in a desirable neighborhood.  However, since almost everyone starts their search online, she recognized the value vacant staging would bring to the online photos.

Family Room

The family room is a few stairs down from the main level.  It is a very large space that can be confusing to a buyer when deciding on furniture layout.  The fireplace is a focal point, but it is off-center. And, where does one put the TV?  This furniture layout gives homage to the focal point and allows for TV watching or gaming.

The other side of the large family room can accommodate a pool table, table hockey, or foosball.  The pub table near the backyard window is a great spot to watch local wildlife while playing a board game or plugging in a computer.  There is plenty of room for sleep-overs, movie night, or children’s playtime since the door to the family room can be closed for quiet time upstairs.

There are two more bedrooms on the lowest level, along with a full bathroom and laundry.  This is a perfect family home.


So, is it worth staging a vacant house?  Which would you rather see online, an empty room or a room that shows you the size and scale?  And when visiting an empty house, all you have to look at are the floors and walls.  You would focus on any minor imperfections because there is nothing else to look at.  However if staged, most people will choose to ignore those small imperfections.  You will make an emotional connection and see yourself living here.  And that is why you’ll put in an offer.

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